5 tips to keep your dog cool in sri lanka summer

We all love to stay cool in summer and that includes our furry friends too!

It's critical to understand how to keep your dog safe, comfortable, and cool on a hot summer day when temperatures climb.

Your dog's breathing pattern is a solid sign that they may be feeling a little heated and uncomfortable from the heat. While people sweat to stay cool, dogs pant to keep themselves cool.

In order to assist your dog successfully combat the heat this summer, we've put together a list of 3 ideas!

1. Provide plenty of fresh drinking water

Whether you're on the seaside or sitting for your backyard, you must constantly have lots of fresh, bloodless water to your canine.

Before you move on a stroll you may fill after which freeze a dog bowl or ice cream container with 1 / 4 of water. Once the bowl is frozen you may fill the relaxation up with water. This will make the water at the pinnacle high-quality and funky even as the ice slowly melts on the bottom.

Most importantly you'll need to ensure you've got got sufficient water to closing the entire trip.

A super tip is to ensure you constantly deliver small quantities of water and frozen Dog treats. These may be given on your canine each 15 to twenty mins in the course of activity!

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