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Leashes for dogs

Take your furry friend on a walk with confidence with our collection of high-quality dog leashes, now available in Sri Lanka. Our leashes are designed to provide comfort and control, making your walks with your dog safe and enjoyable. Our range includes options made from durable materials and with a variety of lengths and widths to suit dogs of all sizes. Whether you're looking for a traditional leash or a hands-free option, we have the perfect leash to suit your needs. So why wait? Grab a leash today and get ready for some outdoor adventures with your beloved pet.

Trixie Cavo Leash

Rs 5,000.00 from Rs 3,500.00

Sold Out
Trixie Premium Leash

from Rs 3,500.00

Sold Out
Trixie Classic leash

from Rs 1,800.00

Sold Out
Trixie BE NORDIC Leash

from Rs 6,800.00

BE NORDIC Leather Leash

Rs 12,500.00 Rs 6,250.00

Trixie Premium Short Leash

Rs 5,000.00

Safety Belt

Rs 2,500.00

Trixie flexi New CLASSIC Cord Lead, 5m

Rs 10,000.00 from Rs 5,000.00

Trixie flexi STYLE Tape Lead, 5m

Rs 19,750.00 Rs 7,400.00

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