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Dry Dog Food

Provide your beloved dog with the nourishment they deserve with our collection of high-quality dog food, now available in Sri Lanka. From premium dry kibble to delicious wet food, we offer a wide range of options to suit your dog's taste and dietary needs. Our products are made with only the finest ingredients and are carefully selected to ensure your dog is getting the best nutrition. Shop now and give your furry friend the best!

Josera Mini Deluxe

Rs 3,000.00

Josi Dog Active

from Rs 1,700.00

Sold Out
Josera Balance

from Rs 2,400.00

Josera Young Star

from Rs 3,500.00

Josera Kids

from Rs 2,600.00

Josera Poultry & Trout

Rs 35,000.00 from Rs 3,500.00

Josera Poultry Menu

Rs 2,500.00 from Rs 2,300.00

Josera Festival

Rs 2,750.00

Sold Out
JosiDog Adult Sensitive

Rs 4,800.00

Sold Out
Josi dog Junior Sensitive

from Rs 1,800.00

Sale Sold Out
Josera Mini well

Rs 29,000.00 from Rs 3,000.00

Fit & Vital Mini Adult

Rs 8,900.00 from Rs 2,800.00

Sold Out
Fit & Vital Mini Puppy

from Rs 2,900.00

Sold Out
Sensible Mini Puppy

from Rs 2,900.00

Sold Out
Josi Dog Family

Rs 24,000.00

Josi Dog Master Mix

Rs 1,300.00

JosiDog Economy

Rs 15,900.00

Sold Out
Josera Family Plus 15kg

Rs 28,000.00

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