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Josera Dog dry food in sri lanka

Josera Dog Dry food in sri lanka

Josera ensure that the quality of our pet food always meets our own high criteria, they even have our own accredited laboratory at our Kleinheubach site. Food chemists, biologists and laboratory technicians work hand in hand and examine all incoming raw materials before they are processed according to the highest quality standards. In addition, they also check the outgoing products once again before they leave the factory. Their laboratory is the focal point of quality assurance for every Josera pet food.

Josera Family Plus 15kg

Rs 28,000.00

Josera Young Star

from Rs 3,500.00

Josera Lamb & Rice

from Rs 3,000.00

Josera Poultry & Trout

Rs 35,000.00 from Rs 3,500.00

Josera Mini well

Rs 29,000.00 from Rs 3,000.00

Sold Out
Josera Mini Junior 900g

Rs 2,900.00

Josera High Energy

Rs 29,000.00

Josera Balance

from Rs 2,400.00

Josera Poultry Menu

Rs 2,500.00 from Rs 2,300.00

Josera Kids

from Rs 2,600.00

Sold Out
Josera Active Nature

from Rs 1,600.00


from Rs 3,500.00

Sold Out

from Rs 2,600.00

Josera Festival

Rs 2,750.00

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