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Grain Free - Cat Food

At brand JOSI we provide only the best ingredients with utmost care. Healthy, tasty and fuss- free Dog and Cat food at a reasonable price. Regional, down-to-earth and with immense love for animals from the heart of Germany.

With over 80 years of experience in animal nutrition we provide your dogs and cats with real, regional variety. Whether your pet is an energetic bundle of energy, a wild hunter, or a four-legged senior of a certain age. With JosiCat and JosiDog, every bowl has something to offer. And not with artificial colourants, flavourings, and preservatives, but with a lot of love for details, for our four-legged friends, and for our home.

Happy Cat Culinary Adult Farm Duck

Rs 1,600.00 from Rs 1,300.00

Sold Out
Josera Nature Cat

from Rs 2,200.00

Sold Out
Josera Marinesse Cat

from Rs 2,100.00

Sold Out
Josera Naturelle Cat

from Rs 2,200.00

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