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Happy dog

Happy Dog - Sri Lanka

For more than 50 years, we have been passionately developing perfect recipes that are ideally adapted to the living conditions of our four-legged friends. We produce our premium dog food brand Happy Dog with a lot of love and passion and adapt it to every phase of life and every need.

Sale Sold Out
Happy Dog Supreme Young - Junior Original

Rs 2,500.00 from Rs 2,300.00

Sold Out
Sold Out
Fit & Vital Mini Adult

Rs 8,900.00 from Rs 2,800.00

Happy Cat Ceramic Feeding Bowl

Rs 4,000.00 Rs 3,500.00

Happy Dog Ceramic Bowl

Rs 5,000.00 Rs 4,500.00

Nature Croq Mini Lamb & Rice

Rs 7,900.00 from Rs 2,500.00

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