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Josera - Peremium pet food in Sri Lanka

Feeding with Josera means getting “pet food with passion”. These words express our passion for the recipes we use to produce high-quality food for dogs, cats and horses. With Josera you can be certain: As a German specialist in first-class pet food, we can look back at 80 years of experience and expertise. Your pet’s health, outstanding taste, excellent digestibility and compatibility has highest priority in our Super Premium nutrition for dogs and cats.

Our versatile assortment provides the four-legged friends in all phases of life at the highest level. Whether your pet is a puppy or senior, active or couch potato, overweight or has an intolerance. Our Super Premium and Premium pet food offer just the right choice and are also available in grain-free or gluten-free versions.

“Our responsibility towards animals, people and the environment is always at the forefront of our minds. Animal welfare and the harmony between the pet owners and their pets are our motivation.”

What does quality mean at Josera?

We regard quality as more than just a word. It is part and parcel of our brand's DNA, which means we work passionately every day to develop, produce and market species-appropriate animal foods, something we feel passionate about.

For this reason, at our facility in Kleinheubach, we do everything we can to produce nothing less than the best animal food. We do so without any genetic engineering, animal testing or artificial additives - but in a sustainable, responsible way that is good for our animals.

Sold Out
Josera Lamb & Rice

from Rs 2,600.00

Sold Out
Josera Active Nature

from Rs 1,600.00

Josera Balance

from Rs 2,400.00

Josi Dog Active

from Rs 1,300.00

Sold Out
Josi Dog Master Mix

Rs 1,300.00

Josi Dog Mini Adult 900g

Rs 1,400.00

Josera Kitten

from Rs 2,000.00

Josera Catelux

from Rs 2,000.00

Josera Culinesse

from Rs 2,000.00

Josera Nature Cat

from Rs 2,200.00

Josi Cat Crispy Duck

Rs 1,450.00 from Rs 1,300.00

Sold Out
Josi Dog Family

Rs 24,000.00

Sold Out
Josi Dog Junior

Rs 25,000.00

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Josera Family Plus

Rs 30,000.00

Sold Out

from Rs 2,400.00

JosiCat Beef in Jelly 400g

Rs 750.00

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